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Aching to cross off some items on your to-do list?

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Done, done, and DONE! solvibe is here to fulfill your creative and technical needs, whether it's part of your digital presence or the whole enchilada. I, White Ash, work alone and with qualified associates to get your work completed in a timely fashion. You get that pleasurable feeling of crossing off to-do list entries.

Since 2001, I have been overseeing web design, development, and management for over 50 clients. Word on the street is that I have a knack for explaining technical concepts in easily digestible morsels and that my training style is clear, effective, and fun. Wouldn't you like someone on your team that has an engaging and positive personality, while being respectful, detail-oriented, thorough, resourceful, and reliable?

solvibe Deliverables


Feeling stuck on what to say? Don't have the time to come up with compelling descriptive language? Need help with your graphics? Different types of content solvibe can help you with include:
  • web pages
  • blog entries
  • image prep
  • eNewseltter generation


You were so proud to get that shiny new website up and running! Then time went by, and your business and life took your attention in other directions. Now there's that constant nagging feeling that your web presence has stale and inaccurate information, maybe even holes or (gasp!) broken links. Perhaps the pictures no longer reflect your current reality or just need a breath of fresh air. Time to hire solvibe for some expertise and virtual assistance so you can feel great again about your online presence.

  Domains & Hosting

Registering your domain and hosting your website through that big-name service out there is wrought with loads of political incorrectness. Registration and / or hosting through solvibe's service will ensure your coin is going to a company of integrity.
  • Web Hosting
    $190 / 2 years ($7.92 / month)
    $120 / 1 year ($10 / month)
  • Domain Registration (privacy protected)
    1 free with Web Hosting!
    Otherwise, $15 / year
  • Unlimited emails, storage & bandwidth (within reason, of course)
  • Supports blogs, portfolios, business sites, online stores, database-driven sites and more
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Fast, reliable, user-friendly support from tech whizzes (even though White Ash will be contacting them on your behalf in the way outside chance that will be necessary)
  • Easy implementation of apps like WordPress & MediaWiki
  • More bells and whistles than most websites ever require

  Platforms & Apps

Feeling trepidation around implementing or maintaining your web platform, framework, or service? Want to be shown how to do it yourself? Need help customizing to embody your brand? Or maybe you'd just like my 2¢ on work you've already done. Systems with which solvibe can help out include (and certainly are not limited to):
  • Constant Contact
  • Facebook
  • Gumroad (digital products)
  • MailChimp
  • PayPal
  • Schedulicity
  • Squarespace
  • Twitter
  • Weebly
  • Wild Apricot Partner (membership)
  • Wix
  • Wufoo (online forms)
  • WordPress


solvibe project examples

Project Details

  • Responsive web design
  • Built on Windows 8-inspired Metro Flexible Navigation theme
»» website

Project Details

  • Website design & architecture ~ amplifying pre-existing logo
  • Photography (non-portrait)

"White Ash made the development of our website an easy process. He took the time to understand our business needs and created a website that conveyed the tone, values and goals of our practice perfectly."

Dr. Kristen Ryan 
Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher


Project Details

  • Website design & architecture
  • Integrating Wufoo online form with MailChimp signup
  • Facebook cover image design

"White Ash and I collaborated on building a very beautiful website. I found him very responsive in working with me recognizing the essence and putting into form what I was wanting in the site. I’m very pleased with the design and functionality ~ all of which came from his creativity and know-how. And as updates have been needed White Ash has continued to be prompt, available and supportive in helping me evolve the site. So happy to work with him!"

Evolutionary Embodiment 

»» website



Lines of thought


Responsive? What?? Did you say "template"?!

Responsive Web Design

RWD. Three letters that pack a mighty punch. They stand for "Responsive Web Design". Should you care? Absolutely! In a nutshell, a responsive design means one that looks and functions well across devices ~ desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone ~ one design that rescales content, navigation, and images to fit the viewer's device. You're on a responsive website right now based on the Transition — V-card template. Your eyes do not deceive you! I just used the formerly reviled word "template", since it is the only feasible way to benefit from all that today's extensive RWD programming and HTML5 rich features have to offer. Never fear ~ imagery, fonts, colors, and more can relay your brand and one-of-a-kind digital presence.

Indeed, when ranking search results Google has begun factoring in adaptability to mobile. Not sure if yours will pass? Try Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Template. There, I said it again… solvibe is there to help you once you recover from the shock.


Patrick's Cabaret

"I have been working with White Ash for many years now. We worked together to create our website, and through the whole process he was supportive, professional and incredibly friendly, even when I was confused about the technical details! Throughout the years since we built our website, he has managed the content for us. He is helpful, offering suggestions for changes to our website and ways to improve our communication. He makes changes to our website in a timely manner, and is always willing to help in any way he can. He is truly a joy to work with."

Amy Hero Jones ~ Executive Director

LGBT Therapists

"White Ash has worked with the MN LGBT Therapists Network since 2003 in a variety of capacities, including designing and maintaining our website, and developing and maintaining our Wild Apricot online resource directory for our 100+ members. White Ash is incredibly creative, open, and full of ideas outside of the box. He has a unique talent combination: not only is he able to envision the big picture of a project but he is also able to track the smallest details. White Ash is efficient and responsible in completing projects and consistently provides impressive quality work. He takes initiative, stays in regular timely communication and, as an extra bonus, White Ash makes a project fun."

Irene Greene, MSEd, Psychotherapist & Educator ~ Steering Committee Chair   »» website

Health Transitions Therapy

"Working with White Ash has been a tremendous pleasure. He brings a deep ethical sincerity and professionalism to the process, provides open and honest feedback, and is responsive to needs that arise. I feel profound gratitude for White Ash's presence ~ for the beautiful outcome of my website as well as for for the experience of having technical work completed within an encounter with a truly kind, wise, genuine, authentic human being. I highly recommend White Ash's work!"

Patricia Brenneman, MA, LP   »» website

Rattle & Drum Journeys

"I could not have found a better designer for my website than White Ash. He knows his stuff and is a superb guide through the overwhelming labyrinth of the internet. His aesthetic sense is flawless. I spent days searching for images for the site without finding any that felt right to me, but White Ash found the perfect ones. His patience, while I sweated and obsessed over every syllable of my site’s copy, was worthy of Job. His feedback and advice were invaluable (and diplomatic). The site consistently generates unsolicited praise from people who have visited it. Thank you, White Ash!"

Timothy Cope ~ Shamanic Practitioner   »» website

Welcome Om Yoga

"As a novice with technology I wanted to have a web site to promote my modest yoga business. White Ash was easy to work with and created a beautiful WordPress website that fits me to a tee. Creative, easy to follow and unpretentious. I recommend him highly!"

Sharee Marcus, RYT ~ Pranakriya Yoga Teacher   »» website

Guided Mind Tour

"White Ash has been my personal and professional website manager for over a decade: He has designed new sites for me that I love; he has developed (and frankly, redesigned and cleaned up to effective functioning) my primary/earliest website; and he maintains my websites. I am utterly pleased and satisfied with not only the results of his work when I pull up my sites on my own laptop, but also with the extremely human process he leads me in to learn what I want and communicate with my options. I recommend his work without one single reservation!"

Heron Saline ~ Certified Medical Hypnotherapist ~ San Francisco, CA   »» website


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I look forward to connecting with you online and in realtime. Feel free to let me know what to-do items you'd like to cross off your list.

White Ash | solvibe | +1 (612) 333-8483 | 2509 Girard Ave S, #102 | Minneapolis, MN 55405 USA

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